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About us

As seasoned digital business leaders, Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and digital strategists, we have effectively guided digitalization processes and led digital business success across multiple companies. Our unique perspective sets us apart from external consultants, as it stems from firsthand experience as managers responsible for digital business.


Our extensive practical knowledge encompasses the challenges of digital transformation within established companies, as well as the scaling processes of digital native companies and startups. 


Leverage our experiences to your advantage: benefit from the shortcuts we've discovered and steer clear of mistakes we've encountered in the past.

Interim Manager for Digital Transformation

The Team

Experienced digital professionals with a wealth of management expertise.

Sabine Haase

Sabine Haase

Sabine Haase brings 25 years of extensive experience in the digital landscape. She has successfully built and developed numerous digital businesses on both national and international scales, employing strategies involving organic growth, acquisitions, and seamless integration. Her expertise spans strategic and operational facets, encompassing corporate development, marketing, sales, product development, and IT management.


As a seasoned manager and managing director, Sabine possesses insights into diverse industries, including retail/eCommerce, portal & content businesses, media, online advertising, online classifieds, finance, leisure, and industry. 


Beyond her leadership skills, she demonstrates intercultural proficiency and possesses a wealth of language knowledge acquired through participation in numerous international projects.


Leveraging her extensive leadership experience and complemented by her training as a systemic coach, Sabine is dedicated to supporting managers and teams, with a primary focus on facilitating digital transformation initiatives.

Klaus Schmücker Interim Manager Digital Transformation

Klaus Schmücker

Klaus Schmücker is a seasoned transformation leader and digital strategist, bringing 18 years of experience spearheading change and digitalization initiatives. His career spans various industries and includes notable roles in internationally renowned companies such as Amazon Web Services, Bosch, and E.ON.


Klaus has a proven track record of developing and implementing digital strategies, leading the digital transformation of both companies and business units, and successfully building and scaling digital business models. His expertise covers diverse domains, including digital transformation, innovation, strategy and corporate development, business model creation, change management, product development, go-to-market strategies, and corporate venturing, M&A, and post-merger integration (PMI).


Known for his motivating leadership style, Klaus has achieved success in building and coaching high-performance teams within global organizations. 


As a certified executive coach, he extends his support to managers in the realm of transformational leadership.

Rafael Bär

Rafael Baer

Rafael Baer is an internationally experienced manager and entrepreneur, specializing in sales and marketing, with a focus on B2C and B2B internet operations. His particular strength lies in the international scaling of e-commerce and omnichannel companies, concentrating on industries such as retail, fashion, food, tourism, and consumer goods.


With over 25 years of professional experience at the international level, Rafael has held various leadership positions in the tourism and e-commerce sectors, serving as a managing director and company founder.


Since 2015, he has been actively involved as an interim manager, contributing his expertise to digital transformation, digital sales, and CRM initiatives across diverse industries. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Mr. Baer was honored with the title of "Interim Manager of the Year" in 2020.

Tjorben Bogon

Dr. Tjorben Bogon

Dr. Tjorben Bogon, a passionate computer scientist with a doctorate, has devoted two decades to the field of artificial intelligence. Over the past ten years, he has specialized in developing digital products and crafting IT strategies to drive digital transformation within both corporations and medium-sized companies.


In his role as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Dr. Tjorben Bogon effectively managed the entire process landscape within a rapidly growing medium-sized company. He played a key role in the modernization of production and the comprehensive ERP system, contributing to the company's efficient global product distribution.


As an interim manager, Dr. Tjorben Bogon served as CDO/CIO for a leading company, overseeing the modernization, transformation, and adaptation of the IT landscape to align with the evolving working world. Whether addressing organizational opportunities or innovating IT-based processes, Tjorben collaborates with C-level executives, devises strategies, and actively supports change initiatives.


Theresa Tenneberg

Theresa Tenneberg is a digital executive with more than 18 years of experience, including as CDO, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director. She has worked for corporates, SMEs, scale-ups, and consultancies internationally.


Theresa has a track record of developing and scaling digital businesses, transforming traditional businesses using digital technologies and implementing value enhancement programs. Her expertise includes strategy and product development, innovation, organizational development, and performance improvement. She creates value at a strategic and operational level, both through organic growth and through the acquisition and integration of companies.


She has experience in a wide range of sectors, primarily industry, services and B2B, and has a collaborative and motivating leadership style.

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